Del Bosque: It would be ideal to play the Copa del Rey final in Madrid

Spain National Team coach Vicente del Bosque spoke to the press in Valladolid on Friday saying, the Copa del Rey final between Atletico and Real Madrid “gives all the circumstances for the match to be played in Madrid.”

Former Real Madrid manager Vicente del Bosque received the award for best communicator of Castile and León on Friday from the European University Miguel de Cervantes.

“In addition, the Madrid Federation of Football celebrates anniversary so it would be more of an act to celebrate,” he continued. “There are neutral stadiums in Madrid which do not belong to Real Madrid or Atletico.”

When asked about Barcelona’s recent form, Del Bosque said, “two weeks ago Barcelona played against Sevilla and Granada and played very well, and although it is true that in the last two games have been a letdown, it must be put to the credit of [Real] Madrid and [AC] Milan.”

Del Bosque also said that the Clasico this Saturday would be an important match for both sides as, “Barcelona has to secure the [league] championship,” while “Madrid is not entirely off the chance to snatch the title.”

This article was originally published on on Mar. 2, 2013.

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